I got wand!!

Hello My Lovelies!

If you know me at all than you know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. If you know me even better than you know one of my all time favorite characters is Luna Lovegood. I relate to Luna soooo much! I love her to death and she isn’t even real! She’s a slightly insane Ravenclaw, I’m a slightly insane Ravenclaw. See? We’re meant to be. Also in my little friend group at school, my bestfriend Kaitlyn is almost EXACTLY like Ginny Weasley,and my other friend, Grayson is almost EXACTLY like Hermione Granger. And then I’m almost EXACTLY like Luna Lovegood! Its PERFECT.

And Kaitlyn has a Ginny wand.

And Grayson has a  Hermione wand.

And I…

don’t have a wand.



and yes, of course, I got Luna’s!

So here’s how this all came to be.

This morning- I  don’t know when this is going to be posted, but this happened on the 28th- I went to Barnes & Nobles, with a giftcard that I had gotten for my birthday like 2 years ago. I had no idea how much was on the gift card. So we went to customer services. I had $30 (and some cents) on it!! So I rushed over to the Keeper of the Lost Cities section! And they only had Neverseen and Lodestar. I was looking for #1 and Exile. (Because I’ve already read them, but it was borrowed copies and I wanted my own). So instead I went over to the Harry Potter merch section!

I spent a little while rummaging through their wands (mainly just admiring all the wands from Fantastic Beasts) AND THEN I FOUND IT. In the very back. There was ONE lone Luna wand.

So of course I got it!

And thanks to the giftcard I only had to pay $1.47 for it!

So here is the beauty:


There are actually two different Luna wands you can get, but this was the only one they had, and I like this one more anyways!

So yeah, today I bought a beauty.

Have a nice day!

~Julia ❤

p.s. shoutout to jesus for always being there for me when i need someone to chat with

I’m Lazy so here’s a Few Pictures from My Cruise

Hello My Lovelies!

I was going to post a Christmas Haul, but I seriously just don’t feel like it.. Sorry I’m so lazy.. But yeah I really am grateful for all of my gifts but I don’t have a lot of time to make  a post right now, actually I’m supposed to be cleaning my room as I’m making this.. So instead I’m gonna make a quick post about the cruise I just went on! (Which was one of my christmas gifts, so hopefully that counts for something)

So. From The 17th to the 24th I was on Carnival Magic!

We went to Dominican Republic, (it was my first time going there!) In which we went shopping and chilled at this water park! Next we went to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, in which we went to Coki Beach, where we went kayaking and chilled on the beach. Then we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we went hiking near waterfalls in a rainforest! And Lastly, we went to Grand Turk where we just chilled on the beach. We did a lot of chilling.

So I took along my camera, and Josie, my mini Josefina doll expecting to take like a bunch of pictures.. and I got a few! But not that many.. I hope you like them!


A bench


A magical Josie has appeared


I took this at the front of the ship just as we were leaving the cruise port!


I took this when we first got off the boat and were walking down to the entrance of Dominican Republic!


Amber cove was the name of the water park that we went to that was owned by the Carnival! That one plant infront of the “r” is sooooo annoying!!!


Water is good


Oh look. Some more water


This is what it looked like out the back of the boat, while the boat was moving through the ocean. I think it’s pretty cool!

Yeah, the cruise was really amazing! I had so much fun and it was so relaxing!!

I hope y’all had an amazing holiday too!

~Julia ❤

p.s. shout out to jesus for being my buddy

Off to Sea

Hello My Lovelies!

Later today I’m getting on a cruise!! I’m so incredibly excited! This will be my 6th cruise, and apparently this ship is like bigger and better than any of the ones we’ve been on before! And the cruise is a week long! That’s amazing! But it also kind of sucks..

I’m not going to have any WiFi for a week!

I am an internet child!! How will I survive?!

So yeah, I won’t be back on here for a week.. But I’ll come back with something Christmassy so that should make up for it!

Wish me survival luck!

~Julia ❤

Snow in Florida?

Hello My Lovelies!

 I live in Florida. In Florida, it doesn’t snow. Snow just like, isn’t a thing here. But, WordPress added an amazing feature that lets it SNOW ON YOUR BLOG! So in case you didn’t notice, there should currently be some little white dots floating down your screen! So basically, my point of this is saying thank you to WordPress for letting me see the closest possible thing to snow this winter! And thank you to Miri for helping me to get the snow onto my blog, and if you want to get some snow too you may want to read this post.

Have a nice, snowy day!

~Julia ❤