Random Post: Auditions, Spamilton, KOLTC & More


That was.. quite the title..

So today I am going to be making an attempt at doing a random post today! Hopefully this works out well and isn’t extremely long or boring.. Onto the first topic! For Narnia!

Topic #1: Auditioning for A Midsummer Nights Dream

Today (I’m typing this on Tuesday the 21st) I auditioned for my school’s spring play, Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream”. I absolutely adore this play, Shakespeare had a great sense of humor. This is also the first play my school had done EVER!

I think my audition went well, but I can’t be sure until Friday when the cast list goes up! (I will keep you guys updated) I also didn’t have a particular part I’m hoping for, I’m open to everything. I just really hope I get to be a part of the production!

Topic #2: Solo & Ensemble MPA

This past weekend I participated in a solo event with a lot of other band nerds from my school county! We all went to a “local”-it was half an hour a way- high school and played solos in front of judges! My solo went great, and my judge was super nice! I got a Superior rating, which is the highest you can get. It’s Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent, and then Superior!

Here’s my medal:

Topic #3: Keeper of the Lost Cities

I’m currently reading through the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, and I’m almost done with Neverseen! IT IS LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER. READ IT. NOW.

Topic #4: Spamilton

That’s right. Not Hamilton. Spamilton. Spamilton is  YouTube channel, based around the Broadway musical, Hamilton, that has possibly the best content out of everyone on YouTube. Click HERE to check out they’re stuff. I highly recommend it.

Topic #5: The Twenty One Pilots Self-Titled Album

Twenty-One Pilots is my favorite band. Ever. By far. Their songs mean SOO much to me, and they have helped me through a lot. They are Christians and a lot of their songs talk about God, and they just make you think so much. It’s great. But lately I’ve been OBSESSED with their Self-Titled album from 2011. Its just called “Twenty One Pilots”. And it is amazing. Check it out. Please. And while you’re at it, just listen to every other song they have ever written. (You can find the full album on YouTube)

Topic #6: Silence the Wolves & Lilac Lungs

These are two (relatively) new bands I found on YouTube. You should check them out. (Along with Spamilton and Twenty One Pilots)

Click HERE to watch a Silence the Wolves music video. (They have a couple other songs too. not just that one)

Click HERE to go to Lilac Lungs YouTube channel.

I swear these bands are gonna be huge some day.

So. That was quite the load of information and recommendations. I hope you have a good week!

~Julia ❤

p.s. seriously go check out all those things I told you to

p.p.s. shout out to Jesus for being the best dude i know. seriously, He’s great.

To Be Read List

Salutations, My Lovelies!

I got of a reading slump about a month ago, and now the list of books that I want to read has grown immensely! And I thought that maybe for some reason you’d be interested in the books that I’m planning on reading?? I don’t know either.. I needed post ideas okay!!

(none of these pictures are my own)


  •  The Percy Jackson Series

My science teacher has been persuading me to read this book all year, and I think I finally will soon!


  • The Maze Runner Series

I’ve also heard some great things about these books, and I really liked dystopian books like this, so I’m looking forward to it!


  • The 5th Wave Series

I tried to read this series a while ago but I got through like 5 pages and gave up, but I think I want to give it another try!


  • A Mango-Shaped Space

I love Wendy Mass’s books, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

I obviously have a lot more books than just these that I would like to read, but these are just some of the next ones I will be most likely picking up!

What books are you reading currently or planning on reading?

~Julia ❤

If His Grace Is An Ocean..


The other day at my church’s youth group while we were doing worship we sang the song How He Loves. I’d heard the song before, but only a couple of times and I never paid super close attention to the lyrics. Also before we go one with this post, if you aren’t familiar with this song go leave and listen to it. Now. Then you can come back.

Welcome back! Did you like the song? Today’s post is going to be based around one verse that really stood out to me. That verse is:

“If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking”

First off, What is grace? Grace is easily confused with mercy, so here is what grace is.

Grace: Receiving God’s amazing love, even tough we don’t deserve it.

So now that we know what grace is, put it into the verse.

If His [amazing love that is given to us be we do not deserve at all] is an ocean, we’re all sinking.

There is sooo much of God’s grace that if it was an ocean and we were in it, the ocean would be overflowing, and we would sink. That to me is just so crazy to think about. God loves us that much. And we don’t deserve it at all. Even though we are all terrible sinners, he chose to love us and such an overwhelming level.

And, even though he loves us that much, and has done so incredibly much for us, we still sin against Him. Constantly. Everyday  Every second, we are forgetting about God’s love and sinning against Him.

If God is this great to us, shouldn’t we be spending every second praising and glorifying Him?

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

– 1 Corinthians 10:31

Obviously, we still won’t be able to perfectly love and glorify God, but its definitely something we could get better at with God’s help and prayer.

I’d love to talk y’all about this more in the comments!

Have a nice day!

~Julia ❤

p.s. shout out to God for literally everything

p.s. shout out to lin-manuel miranda for being a genius


January Wrap- Up 2017


I don’t know how, but January is already over! Also sorry this post is so late, you may want to read my excuse about that here.

Here’s a wrap up of a few different topics in my life from this past month! Because for some reason I think you would be interested in this..


My top favorite songs I listened to this January were:

I don’t know if you can tell but I really like Twenty One Pilots.. like a lot


These are the books I read, or started reading during January!:

  • Everblaze by Shannon Messenger
  • The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
  • Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  • Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery


Some fun events from this past month:

  • January 10th: I went on a band field trip to Epcot, Disney and got to do an amazing music clinic with Disney Performing Arts! Also I got to miss the rest of school that day and spend it at Epcot!
  • January 16th: I got braces on my bottom teeth!
  • January 22nd: I saw Wicked the Musical at a professional theater and AHHHH ITS SO GOOD!
  • January 31st: I celebrated my 1 year friendaversary with my internet best friend Haley!

I had a pretty great month how about you?

~Julia ❤

LET’S CHAT:  What were some of your favorite things this past month? Let me know in the comments I’d love to chat!