I did a Shakespeare thing


I haven’t posted in forever and so hears a long post explaining what I was doing that made me so busy. Pretty much.

All of my life I’ve absolutely loved the idea of theatre. I’d been in random little like 15 minute musicals in elementary school but I’d never been in a full show. But this year my school got a theater program! So this spring pretty much all my life dreams were fulfilled and my school had it’s first EVER full production. We did A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare! Like the actual legit Shakespeare. That stuff is hard, man!

I was cast as Fairy, (my character didn’t have an official name so my director just called me “Julia Fairy”)! If you know anything about this play then I’m that fairy who has the “Over hill, over dale” scene with Puck! I was also an attendant for Theseus. And the girl who played Theseus was also double cast. She played Mustardseed and Theseus. This meant that we both had an EXTREMELY quick costume change. We had to get out of dresses, wings, makeup and flower crowns, and into black shoes, dress pants, a white BUTTON DOWN shirt, black BUTTON DOWN vest, and my hair had to be pulled into a low ponytail in about 1 and a half minutes. Boy, was that difficult. Especially the buttons.. We never got it down fast enough even once during a rehearsal. And then on the night of our show with the help of lottttsssss of prayer; we did it.We timed it perfectly. Theseus was getting her hair into a low bun as we walked onstage! God is good.

Overall the show went soooo well! I had so much fun and I’m so sad that its over! I seriously don’t know what to do now that I don’t have rehearsal everyday. I’m going to miss the eighth grade cast soooooooooo much! I made so many friends through this and I’m so sad that some of them will be leaving to go to highschool! I got a poster signed by the cast which is great but I get super depressed every time I look at it!

Also for the show I got my hair curled for the first time in my LIFE! A curling iron had never touched my hair before last Thursday and now I can say that it has been curled!!

I’m already so excited to be a part of Thespians next school year!

Advice from me, a theater kid; to you, a possible future theater kid: Keep praying and the right opportunities for you will come as God plans them.

Now that the show is over I can hopefully post on my blogs more! If I’m not busy in drowning in my post-performance depression..

Have a nice day y’all!


4 thoughts on “I did a Shakespeare thing”

  1. That’s awesome! I was in Singing In The Rain this year, and I had a few really quick changes, but they weren’t that bad. That’s cool that you timed it perfectly for the actual show!

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  2. That’s really cool. Last year, a play house near me held this kid’s play writing contest, last year I entered and won, along with 5 other people. I got to be in a play and it was a ton of fun. I entered this year but I wont know if I won until later this month 🙂

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