Goals// Summer 2017


Summer is approaching!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! In fact at the time I’m writing this I have 7 school days left! My last day is May 31st! I love goal-setting and writing lists (and of course, summer! ) So I bring you,MY GOALSFOR

  • Keep up with Good Quality Blog Posts

-Now that I’ll actually time I might as well use it to make my blogs have better content for once!

  • Start Learning to Play Bass Guitar

-My dad plays bass guitar and I think it would be fun if learned!

  • Read 30-40 books

-I have a lot of books to read and this seems like a reasonable goal

  • Learn at least 5 more songs on ukulele

-I play ukulele. And I want to know more songs. Wowww

  • Learn 2 or 3 more scales on euphonium

-I also play the euphonium and I only know 7 out of 12 scales so I wanna work on that

  • Work out, like at least a little bit

-I’m really out of shape. I can use summer to change that

  • Meet Haley!!!!!!!!!!


  • Spend more time with my dolls

– I haven’t had much me and my doll time because of school, so I’m excited to have time!

  • Deep clean (and maybe rearrange) my bedroom & keep it that way

-My room needs help. Like major help. So that is what summer is for.

– I think we can make this happen!

What are your goals for the summer?


6 thoughts on “Goals// Summer 2017”

  1. You have some fantastic goals in sure you can accomplish☺️ it will be epic if you read 30-40 books that’s awesome! I really just want to get out lore this summer! Check out some new stores, restaurants, hang out spots, watch the sunset, swimming, travel✨

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