My Top Ships from several different fandoms



If you’re confused:

A ship/ shipping: When two people (real or fictional) would, in your opinion, do very well in a relation-SHIP together.

Otp: O.T.P. stands for One True Pairing. Its pretty much your favorite ship of all time. You’re technically supposed to have one OTP but I kind of ignore that rule..

Now that y’all are properly educated, I would like to introduce you to my favorite OTPs from several different fandoms of mine. I’m going to do a variety of fandoms hopefully wide enough that you can find at least one that you like and can relate to.

This is going to be in 3 different categories inside each fandom. They are: My favorite like YASSS OTPs, my like yeah they’re good I guess I ship them but they’re not really OTP, and NEVER BE TOGETHERs.

Harry Potter


#Romione (ron and hermione)

Ron & Hermione are sooo freaking PERFECT for each other!!

#Neluna (neville and luna)

Neville and Luna are made for each other.

Sure, they’re good I guess:

#Hinny (harry and ginny)

I’m definitely very glad that they ended up together, and that Harry didn’t end up with Hermione but its just kinda like ehhh they’re cute, but they’re not like an all time favorite or anything.


-#Druna (draco and luna)

People actually ship Draco and Luna and umm WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? Luna is such a pure, innocent little bean that needs to be protected!! AND NOT WITH DRACO.




Harry Potter (1)


– #TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE (keefe and sophie)

Okay but like Keefe is perfect??? And if him and Sophie don’t end up together I might have to hunt down Shannon Messenger???



#Litz (fitz and linh)

Fitz and Linh are actually like super cute!! I feel like this is kind of an unpopular opinion but like I think they’d be great?? Yeah.. I ship them.. like a lot. Also they’re LIT (sorry that was a bad pun)

Ehh they’re cute:

#Tamiana (tam and biana)

I think Biana and Tam would be pretty cute actually? or maybe Biana and Dex.. idk..


#Sophitz (fitz and sophie)

My best friend loves them but like nope. I hate it. They’d honestly like be so toxic in a relationship!! And don’t give me that whole “they’re cognates” thing. Nope.

Harry Potter (4).png

**I haven’t read the trials of apollo books yet**


#Percabeth (percy and annabeth)


#Solangelo (will and nico)

Okay I’ve only read up through Blood of Olympus but like they’re actually REALLLYY ADORABLE OKAY? Okay.



-#Calleo (Leo and Calypso)

This one was spoiled for me, so I knew about it before I got there in the book, but they’re actually like WAYYY cuter than I expected them to be?!

Ehh I ship it:

#Jasper (jason and piper)

They’re cute I guess, and I wouldn’t want them with anyone but each other!*

-#Frazel (frank and hazel)

Pretty darn cute


-#Percico (percy and nico)



*the whole jason with the brick (#brason) or with the stapler (don’t know their ship name) may also be acceptable..

Harry Potter (5).png


Anne and Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)

I haven’t read the whole series but this ship got me squealing loud, man

Peeta and Katniss (The Hunger Games)

Glad that happened 🙂

Awww they’re cutee:

Gus and Hazel Grace (TFIOS)

I just finished reading this the other day and like they were pretty great

Roger and Mia (A Mango-Shaped Space)

Literally the exact same thing I sad about Gus and Hazel XD

Tris and Tobias (Divergent)

They were gucci





Caspian and Susan (the chronicles of narnia)

The movies kinda made this a thing AND IT IS AWFUL

Harry Potter (2).png


Benny and Nina (in The Heights)


Alexander and Eliza (Hamilton)


J.D. and Veronica (Heathers)

I know they’re a bit.. toxic… but still cute!!

Very cute but like perfect ya know??:

-Vanessa and Usnavi (In The Heights)

They’re pretty great

Evan and Zoe (Dear Evan Hansen)

Very cute.. but I think they’d have some.. complications


Justin & Naomi (21 Chump Street)

NAOMI CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE (sorry i have strong feelings about this.) Justin just fell in love with a cute girl okay!?!?!? AND SHE HAD TO GO AND RUIN HIS LIFE




I honestly don’t even know what the heck this post was… I guess I just was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all my ship feels **cough solangelo cough** and had to get it out somewhere. So I hope you somehow liked this??

What are your OTPs? Do you ship any of the same characters that I do??




a small haul of some random stuff


i kinda collected some stuff over the past like week so here’s the stuff and where i got it from:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

one. twinkle lights

i got some little fairy lights from ikea the other day and now they are hanging under my loft bed and above my reading chair. they’re pretty sick


two. thalia the plant

also at ikea i got this plant. i really like it. and i named it thalia. cuz its a plant and thalia from percy jackson is like half plant.. so yeah. it works out


three. a really weird headband

i got these from the vbs that i worked at. and i don’t know if i was supposed to keep them but i did.. so yeah..

peep thalia the plant for that aesthetic. also i just didnt feel like moving her

four. both trials of apollo books

ahhhh oh my gosh i’m so excited about these!!! i’ve been waiting to read them for so long!!!

umm i thought i got more stuff than this but i guess not?? i mean i also got a blue raspberry coolatta from dunkin donuts yesterday and that was really good but i didn’t get a picture of that before it was consumed..

im honestly really sorry about this post, i don’t know what the heck this even was?? but like i got some stuff that i like. and this was it?? yeah sorry bout that


p.s. pleaseee no trials of apollo spoilers!!!

The Liebster Award!



I was nominated for this award by the amazing Two girls, Two Mountains! Definitely go check them out!


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10 facts about me, Julia!

  1. I am currently OBSESSED with all the books in the Percy Jackson universe, more specifically NICO DI ANGELO!!!! NICO IS MY CHILD AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND I WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT HIM
  2. I play four instruments: Euphonium, Ukulele, Bass guitar, and harmonica. And like a tad bit of piano but I don’t think I qualify as knowing how to play it.
  3. I have a thing for naming inanimate objects.. For example: My Euphonium is named Oliver, Ukulele is Usnavi, Bass guitar is Connor, plant is Thalia and there is much more.
  4. I love the smell of new books.
  5. I honestly don’t have a lot of friends in like my actual life but like oh well?
  7. I really like cats. Also dogs. But cats
  8. I really like photography, no matter how much I suck at it
  9. I will admit, that yes I have fangirled over certain favorite bloggers of mine following, liking or commenting on my blogs!
  10. I have watched the High School Musical bad lip reading on YouTube at least like 10 times.. probably not healthy


**if they are actually over 200 followers blame wordpress reader for giving me the wrong number!!**

Sara @ Embracing the Moment- her blog is amazing!! Totally deserves a follow!

Enni @ Hooves and Pens- I absolutely love Enni and her blog! Make sure to check it out! Also she went to China so thats pretty cool

Samantha @ A Redhead with a Book- Sam is amazing and you need to go follow her blog now!!

Stuffie Adventures – their blog is so nice and cute!! You should definitely go check it out!

Kaitlyn @ Paws All In- Her blog is super adorable and I love reading about all her pets!

Again, thanks to Ivy & Em for nominating me!

Have a nice day,


I did a VBS thing

(wow this sounds like a title to another post i did… i guess cuz this is kinda a similar type of post)


As you all may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything too recently. This is because all this week (from 8-12 each morning) I have been helping out at my churches VBS! For any of you who don’t know, VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. This year the theme was “Galactic Starveyors”. This means the whole thing was teaching the kids about how God created the universe!

I was working in the Snacks station. Or at least I thought I was going to be… until..

5 minutes before the first class of kids came in on Day 1, I was told that instead of actually doing the snacks I had to do a devotional demonstration thing with each class of kids WHILE they were eating snack.

If you know me at all, you know that whole “Talking in front of people” thing is not really something I’m good at or comfortable with… so that was quite the surprise.

I ended up having to do the snacks as well anyways. So basically every 20 minutes I would have to reset a classroom with snacks and drinks for the next class and then teach this lesson plan to them while they were eating. It was quite a busy job!

Favorite Part.png

Wednesday was Water Day! This meant we rented two huge inflatable water slides and have waterballoon and squirt gun fights! So much fun! The snack for that day was self-serve watermelon and popsicles so I wasn’t really needed. But that meant I got to squirt kids with water guns all day!! And then in the afternoon once all of the kids left, all the volunteers got pizza and got to go on the water slides for two hours!

Favorite Part (1).png

Also for some reason two of the demonstrations I was assigned to do involved fire… In one I had to light a candle and then pop a balloon over it (cuz Jesus) and then in the other I had to light a tea bag on fire. (also cuz jesus). So yeah, that was terrifying.

It was very stressful but also very fun! I got to spend so much time with my friends and very cute little kids! It was definitely a learning experience!

Sorry for such the short post!

Have you ever attended or worked at a VBS? Was there a theme? What was your best/worst memories from it?


p.s. i’m currently listening to “pitiful children” from the be more chill soundtrack and its great

Babysitting 101

Tips for what to do when small children's lives are entrusted %5C.png


As teenagers, we are no longer small children, therefore we’re gonna need some money. However, we are also not adults which means we are not trusted with an actual job. Basically, teenagers need money but its hard for them to get it.


There a couple common jobs that can be trusted to teenagers. A main one is babysitting. I’m sure you all know what babysitting is, because you’ve probably had a babysitter yourself when you were younger! But I am here today to give you some tips and tricks, to hopefully make your babysitting career a little easier.

#1. Be confident!.png

These people are entrusting their precious little child’s life into your care, for a period of time! The parents are trusting you to know what you’re doing, and so is the child! Its frankly quite terrifying! But even if you’re freaking out, try you’re to remain calm and chill, like the kid would expect you to be. If the kid senses that you’re nervous or uncomfortable they could make your job a whole lot more difficult. (aka probably crying and tantrums and such) But if you’re really too nervous, maybe refer to #5 on this list.

#1. Be confident! (1).png

Everyone already knows the basic Emergency number, 9-1-1. But before babysitting, you may want to familiarize yourself with some other numbers such as the poison control center. Make sure you also know:

  • A phone number where you can reach your employer if necessary
  • a neighbor (of employer) or close trusted person’s phone number for emergnecy purposes  (ask employer about this)
  • And make sure you know emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire, and poison center and such.


(hopefully the emergency numbers won’t need to be used, but they’re good to know if there’s a situation like the one above)

#1. Be confident! (3).png

This is best if you’ve never met the kid/ parents before. Obviously ask the parent if you can, and don’t just show up like 15 minutes early without doing so, because that’s just weird. But if they say you can, try to get there a bit early so they can familiarize you with things such as: important rules that the child must follow, foods the child is allowed to eat, how long the child can watch tv, etc., before they leave. Very helpful and professional.

i got a gif saying what i wanted and its from one of my fav movies ever?!?! heck yeah!!

#1. Be confident! (5).png

When getting information like what I mentioned in #3, make sure you get the routines and schedules of the child’s bedtime schedule, eating schedule and such. Very important.

#1. Be confident! (6).png

If you really are way too nervous to start babysitting, you might want to ask your parents if a babysitting class is the right next step for you! Last summer I attended a 2-day babysitting with course with two of my friends at my local women’s hospital! It was definitely very informative and helpful. It also taught me how to CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, which could help save the life of a child I’m taking care of!

#1. Be confident! (7)

This is one of my favorites, haha! XD Basically if a kid needs to get in bed, but doesn’t want to, you could say something like “Don’t you dare get in bed!”(not violently) Works almost every time! (on younger children)

#1. Be confident! (8).png

Basically what I’m saying here, is don’t be dumb and use common sense.

  • Don’t wear clothing to a babysitting job that maybe be inappropriate or have foul language written on it.
  • Don’t use foul language yourself around the parents or children.
  • Don’t let the kid do something you think/know the parents wouldn’t allow.
  • Supervise children of all ages CONSTANTLY. No being on your phone the whole time!
  • Pay even closer attention to younger children while they’re eating and to make sure the don’t choke.
  • Be gentle with the kids.


#1. Be confident! (9)

You’re here for two possible reasons.

1) You have a love for kids and want to help parents

-In this case, don’t forget why you’re there! Remember to be a happy and positive influence in the child’s life! Your goal should make it enjoyable and safe for the child, while helping out the parents.

2) Ya need some cash

-In this case you should still remember why you are there! Do a job deserving of the money you want to get. Even if you’re just there to get paid, make sure you still take good care of the kid so you’re really deserving of the money you get.

I hope you guys like this post and it helped you out somehow!

Leave any more tips you may have, or fun babysitting stories in the comments below!!


p.s. be more chill & natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812, are both veryyy good musicals. okay? okay.



Wrap-Up// May 2017

June 2017

May is finally over! Which means.. School is out and summer is here!! Yayy! I’ve been very sick off an on for all of May, so sorry for the lack of posts. While I was off being sick I got some stuff done. Here’s what I did



  • The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan {Read}
  • The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan {Read}
  • The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan {Read}
  • The House of Hades by Rick Riordan {Reading}
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis {Reading}

I was very busy during May, and I was battling various sicknesses, so I did not get to read as much as I would have liked, but I did enjoy all the books that I did get to. And if you can’t tell Rick Riordan is a fave at the moment!!

Horizons (2)


  • Newsies the Musical Soundtrack
  • Heathers the Musical Soundtrack
  • The Light Behind Your Eyes by My Chemical Romance
  • Dear Happy by Dodie Clark
  • Ode to Sleep by Twenty One Pilots

All very good songs that you should listen to!! (warning: The Heathers sountrack is explicit)

Horizons (4).png

  • On May 4th I performed in my first ever full play, A Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare which I have some posted you can read about it somewhere.
  • As I said earlier I was very sick on and off throughout May so that’s a thing.
  • Within my Thespian Troupe I was nominated for 2 awards, Best Fairy (in our production) and Most Likely to Fall Off of the Stage!!
  • I had my band concert for my school’s Symphonic band that I play euphonium in! We kinda screwed up the ending of our Doctor Who theme song piece, but otherwise we did great!
  • I took all of my final exams for school and officially graduated the seventh grade!
  • I also made a lot more friends, and became closer with a lot of people in my thespian troupe. Unfortunately most of these friends will be going off to highschool next year… Where I will probably never get to see them again.. how fun

Horizons (5).png

  • I’ve really been liking Heathers the Musical this past month. I’m not sure its exactly healthy but.. oh whale
  • Heroes of Olympus/ just Rick Riordan in general. Rick is a god. Also #Percabeth. goalsssss
  • Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is some good stuff
  • Lying on my back outside with the lower half of my legs sticking into our pool while reading. Especially if there is a light rain.
  • Isabelle Hyde. If you like twenty one pilots or mcr, go check out Isabelle Hyde on youtube. please
  • Theres this one youtube channel called scribs(they used to be galactibun) and they do these animatics on songs from musicals and they’re reallllyyyyy good. Their Connor Murphy(Dear Evan Hansen) is an obsession in itself!

Goals for.png

1) I want to read at least 10 books. Its summer I should be able to do this. 7 of these books should be from my TBR list. My TBR list is superrrrr long and I own a lot of the books from it, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

2) I want to get better at needle felting. I started this recently and I kinda suck at it.. Like I made this bird (from a kit too) and it looks a little… sick? diseased? not at all like a bird?

3) I should work out more and eat healthier. Probably not gonna happen but.. oh whale.. those cookies are just too good to leave alone..

4)I want to post on each blog with at least 5 QUALITY posts on each. Also probably not going to happen

5) I want to deep clean and rearrange my bedroom, and me and my mom are starting that today so yayy!!!

What are y’alls plans for this month?