My Top Pet Peeves// The small things ignorant people do that I cannot stand

My Main Pet Peeves

Sometimes even the littlest things really tick me off.

These things are called pet peeves.

I have a lot of them.

Today I’m going to give you a list of the top 6 things (i know that’s a lot, don’t say i didn’t warn you) that I cannot stand. Maybe you can relate to some of these?

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Blogger Recognition Award



Last week, I was nominated by Carol for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thanks so much! Go check out her blog!


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Eye Contact// Life Lessons With Yours Truly

Eye Contact%2F%2FAnd Why It's so Important.png

I know, I know, my acne is distracting. But please just look me in the eyes!

Eye contact is so incredibly important in so many ways, but I feel like this generation tends to forget that. Today I put together a list of the top 3 reasons why you should look people in the eyes when speaking to them.

And I know sometimes looking into peoples eyes is real awkward, but you gotta do what ya gotta do, man.

*inspo for the set-up of this post goes to May*

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Bible Verses to Get You Through Life

Bible Verses and Songs to Help You Get Through Life (1).png

Life is tough, man. I wanna help you get through it.

I got together a group of my favorite songs and bible verses that help me keep pushing through, and I’d like to share with you! Even if you’re not religious please try to read these verses and think them over, you never know if they’ll do anything for ya unless you try. And even if you think you won’t like the songs, try to listen to them! I wouldn’t be putting this stuff here for you if I didn’t absolutely love it!

I’d like to start this off by just saying, no matter what you’re go through or dealing with God will ALWAYS be there for you. Even when it feels like you couldn’t be farther away from him, he’s there and listening and cares about YOU very much. Especially with the school year just starting, this is so so important to remember!

Maybe you feel like giving up right now, or you could be having the best day of your life, no matter the case, I hope to help you with this post, please give me a chance. 😉

Let’s get started, shall we?

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How To Make a Name Tag for Your Plant

Your Name.png

I have a thing for naming inanimate objects, which apparently includes plants…

I have named many of the things I own, mainly the various instruments that I play. But a couple months ago I got a plant! And I decided to name it!

Her official name is Thalia, as in Thalia Grace the  “tree girl” from the Percy Jackson books. This is because 1) I love the character of Thalia and 2) she literally turns into a tree, and trees are plants and like I’m naming a plant.. so.. yeah (its probably not as creative and clever as i thought but oh whale)

A little bit ago my sister came up with the idea of making a name tag for her! I figured out a simple way to do so, and I’m going to share it with you today! Continue reading “How To Make a Name Tag for Your Plant”

How I Did on My Summer 2017 Goals

How I Did on my Goals for.png

Let’s take a look at how I failed to be productive this summer, shall we?

Yesterday was very sadly, my first day of school.

At the beginning of the summer I put together a list of things I wanted to accomplish over the break, which you can see here. In retrospect the goals weren’t actually as reasonable as I thought they were.. but maybe I’m just lazy? That’s highly possible.

So basically, I’m going to state each goal and say whether I completed/met that goal, half finished, or drastically failed.  Continue reading “How I Did on My Summer 2017 Goals”

Meeting My Internet BestFriend// The Best Day of My Life

Meeting My Internet Best Friend.png
that’s actually us in that picture, aren’t we cute

Internet Friends are a magical thing.

Yesterday I had the amazing privilege of getting to meet my internet bestfriend of 1.5 years for the first time!

A couple of months ago we found out that Haley’s family would be coming down to Disney for a family vacation this week. I don’t live too extremely far away from Disney, so we made plans to meet up at Disney Springs on the evening of August 9th. (and then we asked our parents for permission after we’d already made the plans but uh shh about that part..)

And then finally, the time came, and we got to meet each other!! Continue reading “Meeting My Internet BestFriend// The Best Day of My Life”