My Love for Isabelle Hyde


If you’ve read any of my blog posts before at all, you have probably heard the name: “Isabelle Hyde”.

I think it’s pretty much impossible to not know who she is by now. But, if you are somehow clueless, Isabelle Hyde is an 18 y/o singer/songwriter who runs a YouTube channel.

And I’m OBSESSED with her. In a “I really appreciate her work” and not “I’m a stalker” kinda way..

Today, I am here to present you with several reasons on why Isabelle is one of the most amazing humans on Earth and you should also be a huge fan of her. also i really just wanted to talk about how much i love her Enjoy! Continue reading “My Love for Isabelle Hyde”




*this post and pretty much my life was inspired by loren. go check her blog out, it’s pretty sick*

i’m pretty proud of that flower picture, by the way. it took a long time to get my camera to focus properly, though.

so i made a playlist full of songs that give me hope. i thought i’d share it ’cause who knows maybe you’d want to give these songs a listen? here goes. Continue reading “hope.”

Musicals I Want to Listen To

Broadway Musicals.png

I am a Broadway nerd, that needs to expand their knowledge.

It’s not like I don’t already have most of my life and soul devoured by fandoms already.. I obviously need even more.

So I put together a list of the next handful of musicals that I want to listen to and become obsessed with, because WHY NOT?!! Also this way you guys can tell me if any of you enjoy ones that I want to know about, and give me recommendations for even more! And if you have a musical that I didn’t list, it may be because I’ve already listened to it, so mention it in the comments and we can fangirl together!!

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Ways to Fill Your Notebooks

Ways To Fill Up.png

If you’re like me you have many, many, empty, notebooks.

I have like STACKS of empty notebooks and journals sitting around. I’m not kidding, its like actually crazy..


The thing is.. almost all of my journals are empty…

After some serious brain storming, I came up with this huge list of things to put/write in/use to fill up all those empty notebooks you have lying around! (unless you’re like a normal human or something that like doesn’t have this issue..) Obviously, there are things to fill your notebooks with besides just notes for school/church, and I hope to help you get some ideas on those things!

Anyways, I hope this will help you fill your notebooks!

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