Books That Made Me Cry (because i do have emotions apparently?? i didn’t know)


Believe it or not, I have emotions. And sometime books can trigger those sad ones.

This post is pretty much just gonna be me like crying over character deaths without like actually mentioning names, and only book titles because this is a spOILER FREE ZONE!1!11!1!!

I used to like NEVER cry during books. But then I realized I just wasn’t reading the right ones. And now I’ve cried from enough books to make a post about it..

Also this post will not be including books where I got super sad afterwards because I didn’t want it to end.. because then this post would be a lot longer..

Also not including books where I got like “a little teary-eyed” like this is only books where I actually CRIED. And that doesn’t include crying because your ship (hehe #solangelo) is just sO ADORABLE!! 

Anyways, welcome to “COME CRI WITH ME”

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A Smallish Haul of an Assortment of Things I’ve Acquired Throughout the past like, Month?

A Smallish Haul
peep that dodie yellow tho

I bought and collected some stuff over a couple weeks and felt like showing it to y’all.

Um I think y’all should be able to tell what this post is about by now. And I’ve done one like this before, which you can see here. That one is honestly quite similar to this post.. whoops.

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sorry bout this crappy header image..

I did some artsy stuff.

This calls for…. aNotHER post inspired by Loren??? Who woulda thought..


I drew some stuff and now I’m posting about it. yayyy

(can you tell i’m in a sad kinda unmotivated mood rn, cuz you can betcha bottom dollar i aaammm, its kinda a bad brain day for me today :/ )

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Bands I Want to Listen To


I can apparently become even more emo?!

I LOVE music. 

It’s a passion. An obsession.

I’ve already done a post on all of the broadway musicals I have yet to indulge in. So I moved on to the next topic of this kind.


I already have a bunch of bands that I’m obsessed with. Such as Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and more. This is part of the reason behind why the majority of the population labels me as “emo”.

But there are even more “emo” bands that I have not explored yet. And I am interested in doing so.

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