Ship it or Rip it// Tag


Nothing like trying too hard to fit in..

.. just kidding *nervous laughter*

But anyways, I have seen A LOT of people doing this tag, and I decided to try it out myself!

If you somehow don’t know, this is how this works. I made a bunch of little pieces of paper with character names written on them and put them in a little bowl golden pineapple tray. I will then pull out two character names. And then I’ll decide whether they deserve to be shipped or ripped.

The first section of this post will be book characters, the middle part will be musical theater characters, and the last part will be book and musical characters mixed together!

Also character deaths and genders don’t apply here 😉

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My Return+ What I did While I Wasn’t Blogging for a Month

My Return!.png

Would ya look at that? I’m back and ready to be as annoying and cheesy as ever!

This is pretty much going to be one of those “monthly-recap” type posts that I usually do; except it’s going to be all of November plus up to today of December. I’ll try not to make this too long though, ’cause I got A LOT done this month. i still didn’t read nearly as many books as i would have wanted though…

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