Being the Best// My advice on handling competition, improvement and “failure”


*trust me i’m not trying to like brag or say i’m like the best person ever or anything ’cause honestly i’m a huge mess and just trying to give you guys some advice so you don’t have to learn these things the hard way like i did*

I struggle a lot with trying to be the best at everything I do.

I’m a very very busy person because of this. I fill up all my free time with just stuff to do. And then I try to be the very best person at all of it. Continue reading “Being the Best// My advice on handling competition, improvement and “failure””

The Liebster Award// I’ve probably been nominated before but like oh well??


I’m pretty sure I’ve done this tag before at some point but oh whale

Loren nominated me for a thing!! Thanks, dear! Make sure to click her name, to go to her new blog if you haven’t yet!

Also sorry that I’m just doing tags on both blogs this week, I’m veryyyy busy! I have All County band this week (so hours of rehearsals) and States competition for Thespians next week, with like actual school work in there too. So it’s a lot of work and very little sleep. But I’m really trying my best to get some sort of content out for y’all!

Let’s answer some questions! Continue reading “The Liebster Award// I’ve probably been nominated before but like oh well??”

January Favorites// (in the middle of the month??)


I know it isn’t the end of the month yet, sUE ME!!11!!1!

We can pretend, that it isn’t still mid-January right? Right. Good, glad we agree.

So I probably won’t be doing my normal monthly wrap-up posts anymore, but I’ll be doing “favorites” posts. Don’t worry its pretty much the same information in a different format! But I mean it’s not like anyone actually reads these posts anyways..

And I might still kinda do a bit of an overview at the end of the month if enough interesting stuff happens.

Let’s just do this already!

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Survival Tips for Theater Kids (from a “highly qualified” theater kid herself)


I’m an unprofessional theater-loving trashcan. Welcome.

I love theater and the performing arts with all of my heart, and I would love to help you out and make your life in this area a bit easier.

Disclaimer: I have never been in a professional show or worked with any professional theater company.

I’ve 1) Been in a handful of 15 minute musicals, 2) Been in two full school plays, and 3) won two superiors, one of which also won Best-In-Show at the Jr. Thespian District Competition. So accomplished, I know XD

I’m just a poor like soul trying to be helpful. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading “Survival Tips for Theater Kids (from a “highly qualified” theater kid herself)”

My Goals from 2017/ for 2018

MY GOALS (1).png

Another post dedicated to goals that are probably highly unrealistic!

AyO! It’s the hOliDAy season right, I need to be optimistic.

2018 is going to be a great year.


But it’s not quite here yet* so let’s do a little review of how 2017 went, first. Shall we?

*I don’t know when this will be posted, but I’m typing this on December 29th

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A Short-ish Blurb about My Year

My 2017.png

Ahhh, a post all about me how nice.

I kid, I kid.

But seriously this post is pretty much all about me. And the stuff I did this year. And the stuff that happened to me. And stuff.

It’s pretty cliche, but I’m sure you’ll be able to make it through this post. Think of it as a bit of a sad yet inspiring(?)/ encouraging diary entry.

And I’m not saying that you will while reading this, (probably not) but I cried while writing this. Just letting you know. Continue reading “A Short-ish Blurb about My Year”