Reading Playlist// yes, i listen to music and read at the same time??

My Reading Playlist.png

I like reading. I like music. So I do them both at the same time. How fun.

Yes, I can focus on two different sets of words flowing into my brain at the same time. Glad we got that out of the way.

This playlist is literally a mess. Like it’s all over the place. It’s kinda got everything. And I love it. Enjoy.

Credit to this style of playlist post goes to Apollo.

beautiful thing// grace vanderwaal

when// dodie clark

idle worship// paramore

florets// grace vanderwaal

forest// isabelle hyde (cover)

cinderblock garden// all time low

lovely// twenty one pilots

you// dodie clark

escape my mind// grace vanderwaal

when the day met the night// panic! at the disco

saturn// isabelle hyde (cover)

party tattoos// dodie clark

dancing with a wolf// all time low

I also listen to a lot of classical music or broadway show tunes while I read, but that’s mainly if it’s something I need to play in my band class or for theater. (so right now i’m listening to a lot of seussical the musical) But that changes frequently and I figured y’all probably wouldn’t like a playlist just jammed up with weird classical songs you’ve never heard and children singing “Oh the Thinks You Can Think”..

Do you read and listen to music at the same time? What songs do you listen to? Do you like any of these songs that I listed?

Have a nice day!

-Julia (1)

p.s. i don’t think that any of those songs are explicit but i could have easily missed something, so if you know of something in one of these songs please let me know so i can put a warning



3 thoughts on “Reading Playlist// yes, i listen to music and read at the same time??”

  1. Yay music! I listen to music and read too. Some of the songs on your playlist are on mine too!
    Oh The Thinks You Can Think! I listened to that (And other Seussical songs) on repeat for a long time before our show! I love Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
    You should do a playlist of your favorite theatre songs!

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