My Favorite Cinnamon Roll Characters

Dream Roles (2).png
cinnamon “roles” not “rolls”… hehe see what i did there.. okay sorry i’ll stop

There are many very cinnamon-ly characters in the world of theater. So here’s a list of my favorites.

This was originally going to be a post of all of my unlikely dream roles, but then when I looked at the list of characters I had made it was pretty much just the most cinnamon roll- like character from each of my favorite shows.. Whoops

So instead I’m just letting you know about who these lovely characters are so hopefully you can fall in love and be suffocated by their cuteness with me!


*disclaimer: i do not own any of these pictures, people, plays, or characters, sadly.*


1) Marius Pontmercy// Les Misérables

Eddie Redmayne is simply the squishiest cinnamon roll in the world. Therefore, every character he plays is just adorable! Seriously, he makes Marius into quite the lovable gentleman.

Song(s): Just go watch the Les Mis movie already


2) Gertrude McFuzz// Seussical The Musical

Gertrude is so incredibly awkward and just quirky and cute and ahh I love her character! My school is actually doing Seussical for our spring production (auditions are next week!) and my friend is auditioning for Gertrude! (i’m auditioning for Jojo) But the character is just so smol!!

Song(s): Notice Me, Horton; Miss Gertrude McFuzz


3) Michael Mell// Be More Chill

Again, I might have a bit of bias based on my huge love of George Salazar.. But Michael is just such an adorable character! I just love him and want to crawl into the musical and give him a big hug. He really is precious.

Song(s): Two Player Game; Michael in The Bathroom; or literally any other song in the musical


4) Eliza Schuyler// Hamilton

PIPPPAAA!!! (wow I didn’t realize I had this much actor bias in my life) But sorry Phillipa Soo is a little ray of sunshine that just gives Eliza so much life! And Eliza really is pretty much the definition of a cinnamon roll! She’s just warm, squishy, amazing, and loved by all without even trying!

Song(s): Helpless; That Would be Enough; Burn


5) Elder Cunningham// Book of Mormon

There’s some REAL strong actor bias here.. I mean Josh Gad AND Ben Platt! How much better can it get??? But also Cunningham is a little smol bean who just wants to be loved

Song(s): Two by Two; You and Me (but mostly me); I am Here For You; the rest of the BoM cast album


6) Dawn// Waitress

Okay this muffin though!!! She’s adorable and quirky and cute and again just wants to be loved and ahhhhh I love Dawn!!!

Song(s): LISTEN TO WHEN HE SEES ME NOW PLEASE; also the rest of Waitress??


7) Benny// In The Heights

Benny is a bean. Like he can seem all tough but honestly he’s just a sad little boi who again wants to be loved. He’s honestly probably one of my favorite characters in the show which is really saying something ’cause I have like a deep passion for every single In The Heights character.

Song(s): Okay if you haven’t listened to every single In The Heights song yet, what are you doing with your life???


8) Evan Hansen & Zoe Murphy// Dear Evan Hansen

THE ULTIMATE CINNAMON ROLES, AM I RIGHT? They’re both so soft and loveable!! Also once more, they’re played by AMAZING performers! But individually the characters are amazing and then you put them together and bam you have the perfect cinnamon creation.

Song(s): If I Could Tell Her; Only Us


9) The Entire Cast of the 2016 Falsettos Revival

If you haven’t watched/listened to Falsettos yet, wHAT ARE YOU DOING?? I understand parts of the show can be controversial but come on! All of the actors and characters (all seven of them lol) are just lovely and the cutest little things you ever did see!

Song(s):  The wHoLe FReaKiNG sHOw

Lin-Manuel Miranda

10) Lin- Manuel Miranda// …himself??

He’s not even freaking fictional but he’s literally the most cinnamon roll person to ever exist! Like he’s not only a musical genius, but he’s also like the most adorable human ever! If you’re not obsessed with Lin and everything he’s ever created, what are you doing with yourself?

Wow I used the words adorable, loveable and cute like a LOT here.. whoops. .But like these little cinnamon rolls deserve all the praise

Obviously, there are many many many more very cinnamon roll-ish characters out there in the theater world, but I just tried to gather a list of some of my top favorites from shows that hopefully you guys have heard of!

Who is your favorite cinnamon roll character/ actor? Do you love any of these characters as much as I do? Which of the people that I mentioned is your favorite?

-Julia (1)


13 thoughts on “My Favorite Cinnamon Roll Characters”

  1. michael mell is such a good character?? wow i love him.

    moritz from spring awakening is a bit of a cinnamon roll, too. i mean, he sings a song called “don’t do sadness” while being super sad and i just want to hug him and give him a good life.

    xo apollo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. spring awakening in currently one of my favorite musicals (and has been for many months . . .), so i hope you like it. 🙂 ALSO crutchie from newsies deserves to be on here, he’s such an angel.

        xo apollo

        Liked by 1 person

    1. By cinnamon roll I pretty much mean that they just have an adorable personality and are just so warm and loving and squishy and you just want to hug it and they pretty much have the same characteristics as a cinnamon role XD


      1. Marius fits that and so does Raoul and Jack. There are so many “cinnamon roll” character.

        At first, I only liked Marius and as time went by I bean to love him more. My first Marius was Eddie Redmayne and my 5th Marius, my most recent, was Joshua Grosso, who plays him on the current Les Mis North American tour.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Marius is honestly one of my favourite characters in Les Mis. He’s just so cluelessly in love? He kind of reminds me of Romeo in the 1996 version of Romeo + Juliet.


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