God Has a Plan for Your Life


I still have so, so much to learn when it comes to this but hopefully the bit I have learned can help you in some way.

God is honestly the coolest freaking person ever! I know that sounds like some weird cliche Christian kids tv show, but I really mean it. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll see what I mean.

I am in no way a professional, I’m just a teen who goes to church and is trying to figure out how God works in her life. I can’t confirm that everything I say will be 100% accurate, so please correct me if you think something I say is wrong for whatever reason.

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Ultimate Guide to Braces// how to survive those awkward and traumatic teenage years

Julia's Ultimate Guide to SURVIVING-.png

There’s this terrifying thing that is far too common to all humankind, mainly in their teenage years….. BRACES

I just got my braces off about 2 weeks ago, after having them on for almost 2 years, so yeah I’d say I’m kind of a pro at this XD

Braces suck. (if you have invisalign… sorry but you have ZERO reason to complain) That’s the hard but simple truth. They hurt, you can’t eat without getting food stuck in them, and they usually aren’t very flattering. Almost everyone gets them at some point in their life (except for those lucky, lucky souls born with naturally straight teeth) because someone somewhere decided that straight teeth are preferred. I will admit it is kinda nice to not look like a vampire anymore…

Braces are not a fun time, but I still managed to survive having them for two years so I’m here today to help you! Whether you currently have braces on or are getting them in the future, (or are a survivor, like me! in which case, send this post to a friend who’s getting braces??) I am here today to help you have the easiest time possible with your braces!

Let’s get started!

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