Ultimate Guide to Braces// how to survive those awkward and traumatic teenage years

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There’s this terrifying thing that is far too common to all humankind, mainly in their teenage years….. BRACES

I just got my braces off about 2 weeks ago, after having them on for almost 2 years, so yeah I’d say I’m kind of a pro at this XD

Braces suck. (if you have invisalign… sorry but you have ZERO reason to complain) That’s the hard but simple truth. They hurt, you can’t eat without getting food stuck in them, and they usually aren’t very flattering. Almost everyone gets them at some point in their life (except for those lucky, lucky souls born with naturally straight teeth) because someone somewhere decided that straight teeth are preferred. I will admit it is kinda nice to not look like a vampire anymore…

Braces are not a fun time, but I still managed to survive having them for two years so I’m here today to help you! Whether you currently have braces on or are getting them in the future, (or are a survivor, like me! in which case, send this post to a friend who’s getting braces??) I am here today to help you have the easiest time possible with your braces!

Let’s get started!

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Best Friend Foods

Whenever you first get your braces on, get your braces tightened, or get a new wire put in, your teeth will be sore. For the next couple meals. Or week.

Sometimes it may be so bad that it hurts just to touch your top and bottom teeth to each other. But surprise even though your teeth hurt, you still need to eat. So here’s a list of foods that are easy to consume using minimal teeth-action.

  • Yogurt
  • Pudding
  • Jello
  • Ripped up little pancake shreds
  • ^same for a slice of bread
  • soft meat
  • Oatmeal
  • Ritz Crackers (they get all melty in your mouth)
  • Peanut butter, if it’s not too sticky
  • Cake!!

Or anything that cake easily be “chewed” by smashing it repeatedly against the roof of your mouth with your tongue. These will be your closest friends, I swear.

me @ that apple sauce tho


But don’t worry, this won’t be all you can eat for these long year(s)! After the soreness goes away you’ll be fine…. until you have to get them tightened again!

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Worst Enemy Foods

I know orthodontists give you this hugeee list of food to avoid when you have braces. Some of this stuff makes a lot of sense. Like please don’t chew a bunch of gum or bite into a whole apple. But you’re not gonna die if you eat a Dorito or eat corn on the cob. (please don’t sue me if you break your braces and/or die while eating one of these things) However, please please please try to avoid the following foods at all costs!



At least please use great caution when attempting to eat these things with braces on. The worst this stuff could probably do is break a bracket, so I really can’t stop you from eating it, but please heed my warning.

  • PrETZELS (especially yogurt covered.. the one time i broke a bracket was from a yogurt covered pretzel)
  • Popcorn
  • a whole apple
  • Gum
  • hard & chewy candy, like laffy taffy or thick caramel
  • meat jerky or dried fruit
  • seriously guys, be careful with those pretzels

Obviously, these aren’t the only dangerous foods out there, so please stay safe around everything similar to them. Also please don’t sue me if something happens to your braces. I warned you.

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Take Care of Your Teeth

Brush them pearly whites, kids!!!

Trust me, I know how much of a pain flossing is when you have braces! It takes aT LEAST 7 minutes.. But still do it!! Or like once a week or something



Also DON’T use whitening toothpaste! ‘Cause then you’ll teeth will be white everywhere but where the bracket is and you’ll look like a freak. DoN’t do it!!

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Do What You’re Told

If your orthodontist tells you to wear rubber bands, DO IT!!

If you’re supposed to wear those retainers, DO IT PLEASE I BEG OF YOU WEAR YOUR RETAINERS

pLEASE Just follow some of the basic stuff that the orthodontist tells you to do!

You’ll get your braces off wayyyy faster if you just wear those rubber bands!!

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Be Confident!

I’ve said it so many times in this post already, almost all teenagers have braces at some point!

Nobody is judging you or thinking of you any differently because of your braces!

No matter how ugly you think your braces maybe look (maybe you don’t have this issue and your braces actually suit you!) don’t put yourself down about it! It really isn’t worth it!



Continue to be yourself and don’t worry about that metal on your teeth. Remember why you have braces too! While they maybe aren’t super flattering for the time being, in like a year you’re gonna have straight, beautiful teeth!

Your braces are a part of you for the time being. You might as well emBRACE them! (sorry i really wasn’t planning that pun it just kinda happened ya know) But please, give yourself that self-love that you deserve, even if you have braces!

I hope this helped you in some way! If you are getting braces in the future, don’t worry! They really aren’t that bad! You should be able to survive a couple years of a slight inconvenience.

Also I didn’t mention this earlier, but if you’re nervous about the process of getting your braces put on a lot of orthodontist will let you put earbuds in and listen to music while they’re working in your mouth! So don’t forget that that’s probably an option if you need it!

Do you have braces? Are you getting them in the future? Are you one of those lucky souls who have straight teeth naturally or get to use Invisalign? Do you have any braces horror stories?

-Julia (1)


14 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Braces// how to survive those awkward and traumatic teenage years”

  1. i’ve had my braces for a year and i’m sick of them, ughhh they suck. i’ve eaten probably everything you’re not supposed to and i’ve only popped out the wire a few times. 🙂

    horror story: my bff’s little brother “accidentally” punched her in the mouth and broke off a bracket.

    congrats on getting your braces off, that must be exciting!! 😀

    xo apollo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. oh man that is not a fun way to get a bracket off! Like at least if its a food-related break, then you’re enjoying a good snack while it happens!

      Hopefully you get can yours off soon! Good luck!
      ~Julia ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wear both Invisalign and braces at the same time… which is not normal. My mouth is a special case. But best of both worlds! My teeth used to be TERRIBLE. I won’t scar you with a picture, but five year olds would walk up to me and ask “what’s wrong with your tooth?” all the time. XD Congrats on getting your braces off!!

    Liked by 2 people

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